The Harrow Hill Trust, founded in 1960 as a charitable Trust, is devoted to the needs of The Hill and takes a wide view of the local scene. In its work the Trust is careful to avoid the path of narrow conservationism, seeking to enhance The Hill as an exciting and pleasant place to live.

It is a matter of pride that fifty years on nearly 1,000 people support the Trust’s aims and objectives: –

  • to stimulate public interest and a sense of community,
  • to promote high standards of planning and architecture,
  • to secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest, and
  • to protect and improve the environment.

The Trust also believes in maintaining the special community spirit on The Hill and supports this by holding social events such as Hill walks and the annual Christmas carols, as well as providing the Christmas tree on the Green and a bi-annual newsletter.

A copy of our constitution can be found here The Harrow Hill Trust – Revised Constitution 1998[1] 1

Registered Charity Number 266709