Committee Members


Deb Catherall

Deb has served the Trust for over 20 years holding previous roles as Chair of the Social & Environment committee and of the Communications committee.

Honorary Secretary

Bridget Campbell

Honorary Treasurer

Zoe Campbell

Zoe has lived in Harrow for almost 15 years. She has been Treasurer for several other local charities, and joined the Trust as Treasurer in 2020.

Membership Secretary

Stuti Singh was appointed at the November 2020 AGM.

Chair, Planning Committee

Paul Catherall

Paul has been Membership  Secretary, Hon Treasurer, and for many years Paul has been a member of the planning committee and was appointed Chair at the 2020 AGM.

Chair, Social Events

Robert Lemon

Robert has been a member of the Trust since 2017 and manages the social events. He is a music industry veteran, comedian and avid cyclist.

Publicity Officer

Cate Jaquest

Communications Lead

Position vacant