The Harrow Hill Trust Planning Committee examines all planning applications made in (and that affect the setting of) the Hill’s conservation areas.  The purpose of the Committee is to protect and enhance the special character of the Hill, including:

  • promoting compliance with the conservation areas’ policies;
  • preserving the historic features of the Hill, examples of good architecture and valuable trees;
  • encouraging development design that respects and enhances the Hill’s special character;
  • preserving and enhancing open space, rights of way and significant views;
  • maintaining the economic and social vitality of the Hill; and
  • trying to ensure the Council enforces planning decisions and planning rules on the Hill.

Where it decides that a planning application raises relevant issues or concerns, the Planning Committee makes written comments to Harrow Council planning department.  It is also represented on the Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CAAC) formed by Harrow Council.

Committee members declare any conflict of interest they have in relation to a planning application and do not participate in the Committee’s decisions on that application.

The current members of the Planning Committee are Paul Catherall (Chair),  Mario Andrade, Piotr Chlapowski, Alan Evans, Dee Hinton, Eileen Kinnear, Carolyn Leder, Gaynor Lloyd and Adam Howard.

The Committee is always happy to be contacted by Trust members –  including by members interested in joining the Planning Committee.  The Trust is keen to maintain and improve representation on the Committee from across all areas of the Hill.  The Committee can be contacted via the Trust’s email address.

Below are links to the Planning Committee’s recent letters to the Council:

10 21 HHT P-3907_21 Mast at Moat Lodge

10 21 HHT P_3656_21 21 Crown Street

10 21 HHT P_3517_21 17 Georgian Way

09 21 HHT P_2483_21 Pinetum and path Harrow School

07 21 HHT P_2092_21 John Lyon School

07 21 HHT P_2596_21 Green Court Orley Farm Road

07 21 HHT P_2168_21 3 Leabank Close

07 21 HHT P_2169_21 2 Roxborough Park

06 21 HHT P_1618_21 The Heights 59-65 Lowlands Road

05 21 HHT P-1620_21 7 Byron Hill Road

05 21 HHT P_1530_21 Power House

05 21 HHT P_1650_21 Gavarnie 4 Penketh Drive

05 21 HHT P_1223_21 21 High Street

03 21 HHT P_0671_21 Green Court Orley Farm Road

03 21 HHT P_0145_21 Welland 2 Hill Close

03 21 HHT enforcement Heathfield Peterborough Road

HHT P_4317_20 Vaughan Library

HHT P_0250_21 51a Roxborough Park

HHT P_3870_20 Roxeth Mead

HHT P_4691_20 90 High Street

1220  P_4159_20 Green Court Orley Farm Road

1120- HHT P_3497_20 Vaughan Rd 

1120 – 34:36 Roxborough Park

1020 Oldfield House