Rainbow Competition

Thank you all Children!

As it became apparent to the Trust Social Team summer of 2020 that we wouldn’t be able to offer our normal walks, run our quizzes in the local pubs or even host a picnic in a park, we thought what to do? Denise McDonald had an idea. A rainbow drawing competition for children. Posters advertising the idea went around the Hill, got washed away in storms, were put up again and thanks to Cate Jaquest also publishing on Facebook we received many beautiful images sent in by local children

And the prizes go to..

Category age below 7: Teddy Rowe, Age 4

Knaith Xiang Marriott, Age 3 is runner up

Category Age 7 and above

Connor McCafferty Age 10 Wins

Ettie Harrell age 12 runner up

Many thanks to

The Trust wishes to call out Jo Whiterod, who very generously donated the £100 cost of prizes for the rainbow competition winners. THANK YOU JO